Loose Fill Sphag Sorb - 2 ft³

Item # SPH*SS-2

Loose Fill Sphag Sorb - 2 ft³

Item # SPH*SS-2

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Sphag Sorb is an absorbent material with a unique versatility superior to any of the traditional absorbents available on the market today. A single absorbent material capable of absorbing almost every type of liquid from any type of land surface, and effectively removing hydrocarbons from a water surface as well. Being a natural and organic absorbent also provides a wider variety of options for disposal.

Sphag Sorbis packaged in a variety of bags, containers, pads, socks and spill kits which simplifies preparedness for spill responses. This versatility translates into a simple, safe and complete readiness for reaction to spills with one inventory item.


The price of the absorbent, the weight of the absorbent, and the amount of liquid that can be absorbed per pound all determine the value of the absorbent. An absorbents price is part of the equation but often not the most costly part. The volume of waste generated; the shipping costs and disposal costs are all a significant portion of the total clean up cost. Sphag Sorb addresses all of these contributing expenses as it will typically absorb 4 times its own weight and generate much lower volumes of waste than competitive products.

By using Sphag Sorb, the cost associated with spill cleanups is cut three ways:

  • Less absorbent is required.
  • Lower weight and volume saves on shipping.
  • The cost of disposal is reduced because of lower volume.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Absorbent Types Loose Fill
Absorbent Capacity 8 - 14 Gallons