550 Gallon Double Wall Storage Tank Kit

Item # TAN*550-DW-KIT

550 Gallon Double Wall Storage Tank Kit

Item # TAN*550-DW-KIT


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This package DOES NOT contain any pump, hoses or nozzels.
​Tank kit is configured for diesel fuel. Call for other options.

This Kit contains:

550 Gallon Double Wall Tank Kit

  • This is an above ground storage tank kit.
  • Double Wall
  • 550 Gallon Capacity
  • Inside Diameter: 48"
  • Overall Length: 78"
  • Overall Height: 57"
  • UL142

Morrison 179MCI-0100AC 2” Cast Iron Fill Cap – Male

This is a Professional Grade 2 NPT Cast Iron Fill cap (male). Designed for tank filling applications where a tight fill connection is not required. Threaded body installs onto riser pipe or directly into tank bung.

  • Loose-seal style cap with hinged cover.
  • For fill port of small storage tanks.
  • Lockable with a padlock.
  • Easy to close & open hinged operation
  • Positive stop to prevent cover from contacting tank
  • Integrated venting when closed

Morrison 155-0500av - 2”Double Outlet Vent

  • Outlet ports on either side of the inlet with 20 mesh stainless steel screen keeps debris out of the airway.
  • This is a Professional Grade 2 Double Outlet Vent. Aluminum T-style vent used primarily on small fuel oil storage tanks.
  • Body: Aluminum
  • Screens: 20 mesh stainless steel

2” x 48” Galvanized Vent Pipe

Krueger 2” – 48” At-A-Glance Gauge

  • This is a Professional Grade Krueger 2" x 48" above ground storage tank gauge.
  • The At-A-Glance Type D Gauge is a reliable, swing arm type gauge used for measuring all types of liquid levels.
  • Its simple design promotes durability, minimal upkeep, and easy,inexpensive repairs.

Krueger 2” – 48” Leak Gauge

The Leak Type K Gauge is a reliable, vertical type leak monitor used for detecting leaks in the annular/interstitial space of a double wall above ground containment tank (AST's). Its simple mechanical design promotes durability, minimal upkeep, quick installation, and easy/inexpensive repairs.


The OPW 301 Emergency Vent is designed to prevent an aboveground storage tank from becoming over-pressurized by providing high-capacity venting in the event of a fire or blockage.The 301 is a weighted, mushroom-style emergency vent. When the AST builds pressure, the weighted cast iron lid is forced up off its seat to relieve the pressure. When pressure is relieved, the lid lowers and is automatically reset. The appropriate 301 Series vent is determined by the emergency venting capacity requirements of the AST and the type of connection at the tank’s emergency vent opening.